Why should you consider leasing a vehicle?

Benefits to leasing your next vehicle:

1.    Lower monthly payment: Leasing typically offers you a lower monthly payment than purchasing does, because you pay only for the portion of the car's life that you use.

2.    More vehicle for the money: For the same monthly payment as a traditional purchase, leasing allows you to drive a vehicle with more features.

3.    Shorter amount of time to a paid-up contract: A short term lease provides you affordable payments, a paid up contract and four great options at the end to choose from. Avoiding long term financing obligations and potential for negative equity and other risks, just to get to an affordable payment.

4.    New vehicle more often: Short term leasing allows you to stay current with technology, fuel economy, safety and styling advancements.

5.    High mileage driver lower cost of driving: High mileage drivers can build in the actual miles they expect to drive into their payment up front, avoiding the cost and surprise of high mileage depreciation at the time of trade-in or selling their purchased vehicle.

6.    No risk of diminished value: Economic downturns, negative press, accidents or market conditions could cause diminished value of a vehicle. In a lease, the bank assumes this risk, in a purchase, the customer does.

7.    GAP coverage included: GAP coverage pays the difference between what the car is worth and the amount you owe, and it's included with every Hyundai Motor Finance lease.

8.    Frees up credit: Credit reports show the total amount of a finance contract as an obligations, whereas with a short term lease, the lower total of payments is shown, leaving you more available credit for other needs.

9.    No hassle selling or trading vehicle: Selling or trading a vehicle you purchased can be frustrating and time-consuming. With a lease, you simply turn in the vehicle; there's no resale or trade-in hassle at all.

10.    Vehicle is usually under warranty for duration of contract: Most leases are two to three years in length, meaning you are covered by Hyundai's 5-year/60,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty throughout your lease.

11.    Liquidity: Leasing offers you lower monthly payments than traditional financing. That improved cash flow gives you the opportunity to save or invest the difference, or to use your cash for other purposes.

12.    Lower sales tax: When you lease a vehicle you only pay taxes on the portion of the vehicle you are paying for, namely your payments and not on the entire vehicle.

13.    Customer never gives up the right of ownership: When you lease a vehicle, you have the right to purchase it at the end of the lease at a guaranteed future value. You don't give up the right of ownership, you simply delay your purchase decision until after you've driven it and know whether you want to keep it.

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