Auffenberg Hyundai's Frequently Asked Finance and Bad Credit Questions

If you're looking for bad credit financing in St. Louis, make Auffenberg Hyundai your first stop. We make it easy for you to get an auto loan or get financing for a used car or truck with bad credit. Everyone needs reliable transportation and we understand that we all have different situations and we do our best to accommodate each and every one of them. There are a number of "bad credit no money down" car dealerships in St. Louis. Make the easy choice and come to Auffenberg Hyundai today.

Q. Am I Able To obtain an car loan despite the fact that I have bad credit?
A. Absolutely! At Auffenberg Hyundai, bad credit auto loans are our specialization. We have partnered with a community of banks that are experts in assisting people who have less than perfect credit purchase a vehicle. Regardless of if you have been rejected before, we suggest you apply again with us.

Q. What would happen if I have a bankruptcy?
A. The Credit Approval program at Auffenberg Hyundai should be able to get you qualified for a car or truck regardless of where you are in the bankruptcy process.

Q. Let's say I've got repossession?
A. At Auffenberg Hyundai, we've had many customers that have had repossessions in the past. Our business is to enable you, the customer, to re-establish your credit and move ahead of the challenges you may have experienced in the past.

Q. What would happen if I'm disabled or on Social Security?
A. Being on disability is not going to obstruct your ability to obtain financing. Social Security is recognized by lending institutions as a source of revenue and is in many cases used to defining how big of a loan you end up getting.

Q. What happens if I'm self-employed?
A. Being self-employed generally speaking is not a challenge. Sometimes, evidence of income may not be required whatsoever. If it is, possessing verifiable earnings are the main factor. We'll be able to use tax-returns, bank statements, or cancelled checks.

Q. What happens if I've got a new job?
A. Never fear, the banks we partner with at Auffenberg Hyundai evaluate dozens of factors other than just job time. We appreciate that everyone changes jobs from time to time and we still have methods for getting you financed.

Q. What would happen if my trade-in has a larger balance as compared to what my automobile might be priced at?
A. Being upside-down on a trade is usually a tremendous challenge for some dealerships as their autos are already priced above retail price. In our case, we typically purchase automobiles at an incredible value particularly for trading customers out of unfavorable equity situations. Regularly, what this means is we should be able to trade you out of your upside-down trade-in while rolling over little if any negative equity.

Q. Suppose I told you I don't have money to put as a deposit?
A. At Auffenberg Hyundai, we would like to work with you in any event. We have many programs that allow you to put nothing as a down payment. Tell us exactly how much you are dealing with and we will try to fit the finance program to your requirements.

Q. What happens if I'm a first-time buyer?
A. While you may not have had the opportunity to develop a record of on-time payments, we're able to aid you in getting there and get you in the driver's seat as well.

Q. Do you offer military financing?
A. Yes, our company has various lenders which have focused on financing for members of the armed forces.

Q. What would happen if I've a terrific credit?
A. You'll find we have superb plans for everyone with an excellent credit history including Credit Union Direct financing which provides some of the most competitive interest rates in the community.

Q. What happens if I have a trade-in automobile?
A. All trade-ins are welcome at Auffenberg Hyundai, running or not. In addition we are experts in trading customers out of a negative equity position. If you have a trade, we would always like to talk to you about it.

Q. Is it possible To obtain a vehicle history report?
A. Of course. We recommend it at Auffenberg Hyundai.

Q. Is It Possible To obtain a copy of my credit report?
A. Yes, but not from us. We're happy to show you your credit report and talk about it with you. But, due to privacy laws, we cannot provide a physical copy of your report. We suggest going to for a free copy of your credit report.

Q. Precisely how much will my monthly installment be?
A. There are many different aspects that go into computing monthly payments including amount of purchase, interest rate, term, and down payment. With hundreds of banks, thousands of packages, and a wide array of vehicles, the best option is generally to contact us with your spending budget and we'll see what we can make work for your unique circumstances.

Q. How long does the application process take?
A. Filling out the credit application physically or online only takes a few minutes. After the application has been submitted, the bank may request additional information such as paystubs, phone bills, bank statements, or they may not request anything. Every bank and every program is different but we'll help you get everything completed as quickly as possible.

Q. What should folks have with them to try to get a car loan?
A. You ought to have available these documents: ID or Driver's License, Title, pay stubs or proof of income. You may also be asked to provide utility or phone bills, bank statements, or other similar documents.

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