Oil Changes in O'Fallon and St. Louis, IL

Not every oil changes are created equal. To preserve the quality of your vehicle, use motor oil developed specifically for your car. Right here at Auffenberg Hyundai we just use engine oil that is precisely formulated for your car or truck.

Today's highly developed auto engines need a lubricant specially designed specifically for enhanced engine efficiency, improved fuel efficiency and reduced engine deposits. By increasing the effectiveness of your engine's oil flow and lowering friction, one can possibly expect a surprising boost in fuel efficiency.

Auffenberg Hyundai uses a finely detailed multi-point checklist for each of our car service appointments.

The performance and safety of your family automobile need not be left anywhere up to chance. Our certified techs don't use anything but Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer advised Motor Oil and OEM Oil Filters. The two are specially created to keep your vehicle running to its correct specs.

What About Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil will likely boost your car or truck's performance. Synthetic oil changes will cost more and frequently could cost $20 more than a regular oil change, but in the longer term, they can in fact save you cash. It is because synthetic oil will help increase your fuel efficiency by roughly half a mile per gallon of gasoline.. With savings such as that, you can start treating your car or truck to a synthetic oil change for no extra money and still enjoy the benefits that it offers!

It can also help avoid costly repairs. Today's complex engine technological innovation demands a more advanced form of treatment to perform at their maximum potential. With synthetic oil you should expect better engine performance, improved fuel economy and lowered engine build up. Thanks to the uniform lubrication and diminished friction that synthetic oil provides, your engine will be better protected, perform better in intense conditions and need oil changes less frequently.

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